Taking Your First Gun Home. The Inherant Risk

I rescently purchased my first handgun. After several weeks of intensive research and more than a few monthes of going back and forth on whether I was really going to need a pistol to carry concealed I decided to bite the bullet, every pun intended, and go to my local gun store and purchase a Sig Sauer P365. A new 9mm 10 shot subcompact weapon especially designed for conceal carry applications and secondary carry ie; the boot or leg gun for professionals that open carried thier primary weapon. Well, the first thing that I had to learn was that they all can kill someone no matter how big or small. I had already decided to get my Conceal Carry Permit especially for the training. I am also 66 years old and fairly weak and shaky in my arms. I started occupational therapy several weeks ahead of this for this reason among others. This really helped. If you need it do it because a gun of any size wont make up for not being able to control your arms and hands. Men or Women with weak arms and hands should not assume that they will be able to control a weapon especially under attack. Know your limits and find a way to defend yourself with what you have available. Just because you are handicapped by a physical limitation does not mean that you have to become a victim. But a gun might not be the best choice for you. Talk to a Self-Defense instructor about your options. Empower yourself. I am also living on a fixed income so I was lucky enough to have a dealer that had a lay-away plan to fit my needs even though it took me several monthes to pay for my Sig this gave me the time to do my research about the many aspects of owning and carrying a gun. Simply buying a gun and stashing it in a bedside drawer or next to your lazyboy is not the answer and down right dangerous for everyone in your house. Be the wise person that you are supposed to be. Act your age. So I had paid for my gun and a box of shells for target practice. I had the salesman, a very strong looking, tatooed ex-serviceman show me how to best load the 10 shot magazines that came with my P365. To my surprise and dismay he could not handload 10, 9mm shells into the magazines because they were too stiff and the new springs too strong. He was embarressed and only said that it would get easier as time went on. He failed to tell me about the UpLula mag-loader that would end up making my life much easier and shooting my gun much more fun at the range. So over six hundred dollars and seven monthes later I walked proudly out of the shop with my new Sig Sauer P365.

I walked out to the truck and had a moment of anxiety and panic. ” Where do I put this weapon in my truck?” “Do I need to keep the ammo in another compartment?” ” Can the gun be loaded?” Honestly I realized that I didn’t know Jack Shit about the laws concerning Conceal Carry in my state. This might be why one should take a course in Conceal Carry before you start traveling around with a gun in your car. I put the ammo in the glove compartment and the gun down in the floor of the passenger seat and covered it with a raincoat. Just having it changed the whole ride home. If I owned a gun store I would offer a short class with every new gun and train my salespeople in exploring a persons limitations both physical and mental before selling them a firearm. But all these Second Amendment folks have scared them away from reality and into buying things they can’t use safely. Safety before Sales should be thier motto. Familiarise yourself with as many of the facts as possible. I also live in Kentucky that just rescently passed a Constitutional Carry Law which basically states that if you legally own firearm you can conceal carry it or open carry it in any place that isn’t a gun-free zone like a school, well some schools.

I use a gun safe to keep my pistol in most of the time but not always to be truthful. I do not have children normally in my house but there are times when our grandchildren are here. During these times I keep my gun in the safe. And at this stage I keep my gun and the loaded magazines in a seperate place in the house. But usually in the same room, my bedroom. If you are buying a gun for home defense a pistol may not be the best choice. Also in home defense the type of ammunition you have in your gun is crucial. One type , if shot indoors can travel through several walls and even exit the house hitting someone outside. This is not the most expensive type but the cheapest. I will talk about ammunition after I learn alot more to tell you. Stay tuned and study on your own. Men buy bullets like they buy fishing lures. ” Oh, I’ll try this one.”

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