What Does Your Partner Think About You Carrying A Gun ?

I’ve heard and read about several Wives and Partners having a feeling of increased safety due to the fact that their significant others are now choosing to conceal carry a firearm. Frankly I have not experienced this response. My partner does not exactly feel that sense of increased safety. As a matter of fact she doesn’t really cherish the idea of having a gun around all the time at all. She is concerned about accidents in the home. She is worried about the grandbabies getting ahold of one of my guns and hurting themselves or others. And rightly so.

By the end of 2015, about 265 children under 18 picked up a firearm and shot someone by accident, and 83 of those shootings were fatal, according to research compiled by the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety. Some 41 of those deaths involved the shooters themselves, and most of the shootings involved toddlers or teens who were playing recklessly with the guns.

Nearly 1.7 million children live in households where guns are stored either loaded or not locked away, according to the San Francisco-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. This makes American children 16 times more likely to be unintentionally killed by a gun, compared with similar countries.

The scene where a frightened wide eyed woman looks up at her Man and says , ” Oh thank you for protecting me ” has never been in one of my scenarios. There are many woman shooters no doubt, however for me and the great women that have walked my paths with me not a one has taken up carrying a sidearm. First of all nary a one of these women grew up around guns. I think most of them trust in the police to do their jobs and this could be a misbelief because in most cases the police only get there after the deed is done. If we look at all the data surrounding whether or not it is safer to have a gun in the house or not, we are most likely to gather support for an argument in any direction. But when it comes right down to it, the decision on whether to have a gun in the home usually comes against the wishes of the woman and for the wants of the man. Now I’m not going to be one of those guys that buys a gun against the wishes of my partner and then keeps it hid in the closet or garage. This is stupid. Be upfront and safe about it. Tell her where it is kept and take her shooting atleast once if not more. It’s then her choice to use it if she needs it.

The relationship between partners is much more important than whether there is a gun in the house. Guns are fun. Partners are funner.

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