My Two Cents 002

Thoughts On Colored Eggs

This is the way my mind works. I happened to be thinking about my grandkids coloring eggs for the great Easter Egg Hunt and of course I went directly to what I thought about all these hard boiled eggs . While going through a few things that we could do with all these eggs and after the thrill of the hunt was over, I got stuck on cracking the shells. On how someone has to smash them on the counter to peel them and how that in nature the little chic has to peck away on the inside until eventually they break through for the first time to witness their life as a completely blank individual guided only by their DNA impulses. In my writing about guns I always come up against people who are staunch anti-gun thinkers or pro-gun thinkers. The anti- gun folks are usually Democrats and the pro-gun people are usually Republicans. I started seeing these two groups that we associate ourselves with as the shells on our eggs. Shells that are built up by rhetoric, mass media and the relentless blah blah blah that we hear everyday from those around us. I thought ” wouldn’t it be great if we could all be like that freshly hatched chic and chip away at our shells from the inside only to break free and see the world without the shells of preconceived ideas put there by others”. Making decisions based upon what we thought as individuals and not controlled by our group thought. People seem to want to safely live inside the shell and when they finally start pecking at freedom they usually retreat because the shell is too thick or there is too much frightening noise coming from the outside. As long as we stay inside our shells we can be categorised and moved around as others want. Groups like Liberals and Conservatives, Pro-gun and Anti-gun among others simply move those of us still in our shells into groups that favor their own agendas. We can’t move on our own while still in the shells.

Well the time has come when we must constantly peck peck peck from the inside to set ourselves free. The stakes are much too high to allow shells to be put on us by groups like the mass media and the NRA. People are dying. Laws are being written. Our leaders are being elected. And all the while we are being moved around and put into those little easter baskets of support for this cause or that. I am not pro-gun or anti-gun. I do not identify with Democrats or Republicans. I can see that the mass media wants to sell blood and violence and that the NRA wants to sell guns. So where do I belong? I feel like the cracked egg that gets thrown to the dogs. But most of the time I get up everyday and look at myself as the newly hatched chic and the only thing in my head is, ” What the Fuck”

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