Are You Willing To Kill

Before anyone should buy a gun for self defence they should think long and hard about this, ” Are You Willing To Kill Someone ? ” This should be the first question on the license to carry questionnaire. If you are not then you should not be able to carry a deadly firearm. I’m not thinking that during that rare time that we actually fear for our own life that most us would not use whatever was available to keep that from happening. But in most cases we are acting as the ” Protector ” either protecting a family member, friend or protecting someone who cannot protect themselves. And how about the times when we are just protecting our ” Shit ” ? You know our possessions like money, purses, cell phones, computers, televisions or toasters.

Some of these questions are seemingly easier to answer than others. I would not be willing to kill someone over a toaster or any of the other shit that I could easily replace. Hell, most of it is covered by my insurance policy anyway. But how do we know why they are breaking into our house ? Are they there to steal something or are they there to hurt us or the kids in the back bedroom ? These are split second judgements that must be made in the heat of the moment. How would we react ? How would you react ? You better be able to answer these questions before you ever buy a gun for protection.

I’ve thought about this very thing a lot lately. ” Would I Be Able To Kill Somebody ? ” In those rare times when my own survival was in question I think my instincts would take over and I would probably do it. In those rare times that I was convinced that someone close to me life’s in jeopardy I would probably do it. But I don’t think I could do it for Cause or Idea. Even one as important as Freedom. I choose to think that I would rather go to jail. So how will this affect me buying a gun ? It wouldn’t I admit.

When would you be willing to kill another human being ? Comment below.

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