Holy Crap I Shot Somebody

Now what ? Who should I call ? Is he dead ? Should we help him ? Did someone call 911 ? Should I holster my gun ?

These are just some of the questions that will rush through your head just before you puke at the realization of what just happened. You’ve really shot and possibly killed another human being. Now what ? You hear sirens getting louder. Cops arrive and as you offer up your weapon they begin shouting . Drop the weapon. With all their guns pointed at you they are shaking. You drop your gun slowly and get down on your knees and then you are ordered to lay flat on your stomach as they put their knees on your back and handcuff you. It hurts. You’re trying to tell them that you are the victim but their only objective at this point is to secure the site. They put you in the back of the police car as the ambulance arrives and you see them working on the one you shot. It’s in the temporary safety of the police car that you think, ” Holy Crap I Shot Somebody”.

Are you aware of your locality’s laws on self-defense and concealed carry? Do you have a “duty to retreat?” Are you justified in using deadly force only when facing the same, or does it include cases of unarmed battery or rape? What if you stumble upon such a crime happening to another person – is “defense of others” still considered justified? If you confront someone breaking into your car and are forced to draw your gun, are you now legally considered the aggressor? If you are forced to fire your gun and a ricochet or errant round strikes an innocent, what is your liability?

The Before and After of Using a Gun

by Keith Coniglio

Reading this blog on Second Call Defense, Keith raises many good questions that we all must answer if we are going to arm ourselves. Do your homework.


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