Smart Guns Dumb People

An employee of Armatix poses for photographers as he presents the “SmartGun Concept” at the International Weapons trade fair in the southern German city of Nuermberg on March 12, 2010. 1150 exhibitors are taking part in the trade fair running to March 15, 2010. AFP PHOTO DDP / JOERG KOCH GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images)

Smart Guns and Dumb People

When I first heard about ” Smart Guns ” my first thought was , what could be better than having a gun that nobody else could shoot but me. It seems to make a lot of sense to have a pistol programmed to only accept my fingerprint in order for it to shoot. No more accidents, right ? No more chances that a child might shoot themselves or someone else. No more possibilities that a firearm goes off when dropped. It has to be in your hand or it would not fire. No more stolen weapons making it to the street where they could be used in violence and crime. Guns with a chip in them like my dog so it could be scanned to find the owner. And on and on. Why would anyone object to this technology making it safer for all ? My cell phone turns on with my fingerprint and it’s the easiest phone I’ve ever used. It’s not like this is not a proven and reliable technology. It’s used on the most secure sites that this government has. Even the Potus has to have his handprint scanned to fire a nuclear missile. So what’s the big deal ? At Least we should have the option on new handguns. It’s perfectly fine with gun people that some pistols come with no safeties at all like my new Sig P365. But oh no fingerprint scanners are not allowed on new firearms and most pro gun store owners object to this potentially life saving device. It appears to me that common sense is not so common anymore. Let’s take a look at the objections coming from pro gun people. You go into any gun store and it looks like the high tech systems have taken over. Military style weapons are everywhere and we know the military has the latest in technical advancements. Smart guns, or personalized guns, are designed to be useless unless unlocked by radio signal or a biometric authentication such as voice activation, fingerprints, or a retina scan.

Politics Against Smart Guns

You may ask why would anyone object to a safer gun. Well as far as I can tell it is the stance of the NRA and the people that think that any law that is passed is a strike against the Second Amendment and will lead to their guns being confiscated by the government. I see no evidence of that since the sale of a Smart Gun is a choice and it would not take away anybody’s guns that they now own. People could buy a ” dumb gun ” still and I see the attraction of having less parts to go wrong but that is our choice not the NRA’s. This is one of those increasing times when the political rivals to the left of the NRA have totally screwed up. The Law that was passed in New Jersey in 2002 that stated that as soon as the technology was proven and manufacturers were confident in the production of a Smart Gun that only Smart Guns could be sold in that state was not thought out. It caused a backlash that has steered the main manufacturers away from introducing a Smart Gun onto the market for fear of being boycotted by the NRA.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans, if they buy a new handgun, are willing to purchase a smart or childproof gun – a weapon that is only operable in the hands of an authorized user – new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led research suggests.

In addition to high overall support, the survey found that four in 10 gun owners and 56 percent of political conservatives surveyed are willing to purchase a smart gun, debunking the widely used argument by gun manufacturers and gun groups that there is no market for smart guns.