Constitutional Carry Please Explain This

I was kind of shocked when I first heard that Kentucky had passed a law saying that any American citizen over twenty one could now openly carry any legal firearm and conceal carry them also without a license.


On February 14, 2019, the Kentucky Senate passed SB150 by a vote of 29-8. It then passed the Kentucky House of Representatives on March 1, 2019 by a vote of 60-37.[33] On March 11, 2019, Governor Matt Bevin signed the bill into law and it takes effect in June 26 2019.[34] It allows residents and nonresidents who are 21 years old or older who are otherwise able to lawfully possess a firearm, to carry concealed firearms without a permit. Open carry without a permit for both residents and non residents 18 years old or older was already legal as guaranteed by the State Constitution.

Here I am thinking of getting a conceal carry permit and now any idiot whether trained or not can conceal carry any legal gun in public. Please explain this. I was even more shocked when I found out that twenty or more states have some form of this law. I’m really trying to help people make a honest and educated decision on whether they should carry a gun by presenting an even and non-political set of data resources and stories about whether to carry or not but I cannot help sharing my thoughts on this seamingly crazy law. Something is amiss, right? Think about this for a moment. Many pro-gun people are supporting the building of a wall to keep ill-legals out of the country, they also think that Muslims should not be allowed in, all because they say that these people commit crimes like selling drugs, murders, robberies and in general all forms of crimes against law abiding american citizens. Please explain this. An overwhelming amount of crime in the USA is committed by American citizens. The most heinous of all crimes are committed by white males, yet the supporters of this law want to make it easier for them to carry deadly semi-automatic and high powered weapons with no license at all. No training required either. No background checks and only an age limit in some cases.This seems a bit crazy, right?

Please explain this. If a white-supremacist from out of state is carrying an AK 47 down the street under his coat can he be stopped? Can a busload of Mexican Americans from Los Angeles carrying semi-automatic weapons under their jackets and hanging out in a public place in Louisville be stopped ? Can fourteen Muslim Americans walk together and conceal carry semi-automatic firearms down the streets of these states? Do law abiding citizens realize what this law could mean? Are we educated about the possible ramifications of such a law? I will be the first to admit that I do not know enough. Also I did not have enough time before passage to question my Representatives in my state about the ramifications. When laws like this get quickly adopted it makes me wonder if we need to amend the Second Amendment and or our Constitution. For those of you that do not know we already have 27 Amendments to our Constitution and a Preamble. We’ve made changes before and have every legal right to do so as written in the original Constitution. Times change and so must we.

4 Replies to “Constitutional Carry Please Explain This”

  1. I am 78 and I Do
    Not leave my house without my Kel-Tec PF 9mm on my hip.
    With all the crazy crap going on I at least want to have an equal chance to survive.
    I am also a former law enforcement officer and I have had many years of range time with my weapon and am confident in its use.

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