Should You Be Carrying a Gun ?

      Guns in general are a hot topic right now but that is not why I’m writing a blog about them. Talking about the idea of whether we should own or carry a gun is not very popular within my circle of friends. Most are afraid of the topic. It is this knee jerk reaction to an open conversation that not only keeps their ideas from being shared but  also feeds the pro-gun folks with rhetoric. Most pro-gun people are more than happy to talk about why they feel we should all own or carry a weapon. Anti-gun people are in no way able to combat the massive amount of pro-gun money and rhetoric that is going into convincing Americans that they need to own and carry guns to protect themselves. The NRA is one of the largest and most funded lobbyist groups that is working today. Compare that to anything that the anti-gun people have available. 

      I have been anti-gun and anti-violence most of my adult life but I can’t ignore the hypocrisy that surrounds my stance. First of all I eat meat as most of us do. In order to support the eating of animals we all want to ignore the killing floor where thousands of animals are very violently slaughtered everyday. We are all willing to have our fellow Americans kill for us. The police, the armed services and the national guard are but a few ways of protecting ourselves that we can support. Yet we somehow think that taking the personal, face to face responsibility for our own protection is some kind of evil. When it comes to killing human beings we are one of the most efficient and prolific countries in the world. We dominate the world due to our ability to kill more fellow beings than anyone else. We cannot buy makeup to hide this ugliness. Since our beginnings as a country we have been in a constant stage of armed conflict only dotted by relative peace. Go to a local parade which is usually led by a group carrying weapons. Most of our heroes carried guns. We honor the men and women who carried guns, risking their lives for those of us at home. There is a lot that we seriously need to take into consideration when we think about whether to own and or carry a gun. 




6 Replies to “Should You Be Carrying a Gun ?”

  1. I read through the “Should I carry a gun” piece and my fear when someone says that they are getting a gun is that statistically it will likely ultimately cause harm to themselves or their loved ones in their house and never be needed for self defense.
    A women friend of mine told me that she was getting a conceal carry permit and my response to her was, “picture this scenario. You live with just your high school age girls but you drink regularly. So one late night a boy comes over to toss pebbles at his high school crush’s window but your daughter has fallen asleep and in your drowsy drunken stupor you freak out and end up shooting him through that window.” That I told her seems a much more likely scenario then ever defending her home in the low crime suburban/rural neighborhood where she lives. Meanwhile she carries the thing everywhere in her purse. When I was taking her to court because she got a DUI she started to walk into the courthouse with the weapon on her until she realized right before going through a metal detector. Another time she is with her boyfriend on his company’s private plane and the damn thing fell out of her purse. So he asks her, is that loaded? Because had it gone off it could have brought the small plane down.
    I get people’s fear but my opinion is that you better had rely on your wits to get out of a dangerous situation since it’s more likely that a weapon gets taken from a women and used against them.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. As you know from the past I tend to agree with you on most things. All the research that I’ve found so far supports what you are saying. Of course the NRA and all their money says different. Especially now that Ollie North is at the helm. What a sad joke. The truth is shooting guns is fun for many men and a growing number of women. Guns are not going away I’m afraid. Not in America. Hopefully the gun lobby can be curtailed and more laws like the Red Flag laws will be passed. Please read about and share your thoughts with us in regards to these new Constitutional Carry laws and the Red Flags. I hope you can be my legal voice on this blog. Love to all.


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